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It’s your home & it’s personal. Carpet is the foundation for the ‘comfort’ rooms of the home, those places where you relax, entertain, chat, veg out or just watch a movie after a hard day’s work. It’s also the bedrooms where you want comfort underfoot, peace & quiet to sleep & be reinvigorated. Nothing completes a room with both style & comfort like carpet. Happy Feet, has a vast array of carpet types, textures, blends, patterns & colors to choose from, designed to cater for your taste, your decor, your budget & your lifestyle.

Happy Feet Carpet offers carpets from most major brands. We have a huge range of samples in store for you to see, touch, feel & walk on with professional assistance every step of the way. With so many different carpets to choose from, the decision can at first seem daunting but at Happy Feet Carpet you’ll find our staff are extremely knowledgeable & intuitive, making the whole process of choosing the right carpet for your individual needs an interactive, pleasant & seamless experience. At Happy Feet Carpet, we’ll spend time with you & ask all the right questions to narrow down the choices & then present you with options so you are making a completely informed decision. We provide total customer support from your initial inquiry through to after-sales care to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your carpet choice.


Commercial carpet is an entirely different floor covering than residential carpet. In a business environment, carpet will be subject to high traffic areas, & must withstand practically anything that is thrown at it, yet still has to be easy to clean. Commercial carpet needs to be hard-wearing, long-lasting & also look professional, complementing your corporate image & decor. When it comes to choosing the right carpet for a specific environment, our experienced team at Happy Feet Carpet, will consult with you onsite to recommend the right carpet or floor covering to suit your particular industry requirement.

Happy Feet Carpet arranges installation of commercial carpet for all business needs—both large & small. Our clients cover the spectrum of industry on the British Columbia, large shops & smaller specialty retail stores, real estate agents, hospitality industry including pubs & clubs, hotels, cafes & restaurants, corporate & government offices, medical centers, x-ray clinics, showrooms, accommodation, schools & the education sector, community centers, sporting clubs & organisations, childcare centers, retirement villages, hostels & nursing homes, entertainment venues including civic centers & theaters, reception areas for factories, investment properties & more.

Call Happy Feet Carpet and Hardwood Ltd. for a free measure & quote today. No job is too big or too small. In the public or private sector, we are competitive, professional, efficient & get the job done right the first time!



Why use Carpet Tiles?
Carpet tiles offer a wide range of colors, patterns and textures. Many types of carpet tiles can also be over printed to offer customized designs & colors, providing an opportunity to create unique & stunning flooring alternatives. Happy Feet Carpet and Hardwood Ltd stocks a wide range of carpet tiles for home & business use. For particular situations, carpet tiles can be the most cost-effective & durable flooring solution. Carpet tiles offer greater design opportunity because it is far easier with a modular system to create effects, even in small projects! Borders, accents and highlights can be simply created by inserting a tile of a different color, even in a different shape.

Design Opportunities
Carpet tiles offer greater design opportunity because it is far easier with a modular system to create effects, even in small projects! Borders, accents & highlights can be as simply created by inserting a tile of a different color, even in a different shape. Carpet tiles are ideal for irregular shaped rooms or buildings & with minimal waste is also an environmentally friendly flooring solution.

Life Cycle Costs
 The versatility of carpet tiles offer long-term cost benefits because in areas of extreme traffic, they can be designed as almost ‘sacrificial’ for regular replacement, providing a greater cost efficiency for the entire facility. Carpet is usually replaced not because it has worn out, but more because it has lost its “contemporary look”. This can be more easily preserved through the use of tiles.

Carpet Tiles for the Residential Home
Carpet tiles are used frequently in areas such as sun rooms, porches, decks & garages. They are also a great alternative to broadloom carpets in home offices, rumpus rooms & even kids' bedrooms.

Lower Waste Component
Generally the typical waste factor in a tile installation is not more than 4%. With broadloom carpets this can be as high as 12—14%. Also there are other savings with the installation of carpet tiles, for example a heavily partitioned or occupied workspace offers great savings in a tile replacement situation.

The savings are also made in:
*Furniture removal to allow for the laying of broadloom carpet
*Dismantling of electrical and network cabling
*Less disruption to the work space
*Transport into site (often 12’ wide carpet rolls present problems with lifts etc)
*Maintenance stocks


















Floor Mats

Floor Mats, the finishing touch
At Happy Feet Carpet and Hardwood Ltd , we have a compact range of smaller decorator mats in a variety of colors, for that finishing touch in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundries & door entries. We can supply hallway runners too. You’ll always find a great choice of floor mats every day, right outside our front door at Happy Feet Carpet, Curie St,Happy Feet . Why not pop in & ask to see our specials now



1. Indoor/Outdoor Carpet & Marine Carpet
 What’s the difference? It’s the same thing. Indoor outdoor carpet is also commonly known as ‘marine carpet’. This versatile type of flooring is suitable for many indoor & outdoor applications around the home, with a distinctive range of colors, patterns & textures to choose from to suit your decor & lifestyle. Indoor/outdoor carpet is mold, mildew & moisture resistant, will not rot or smell, fray or zipper & is also stain & insect resistant.

Safe, anti-slip flooring, rain, hail or shine
Indoor/Outdoor carpet is the sensible choice for those rooms of the home or other places that can be open to the elements at times & subject to a range of weather conditions. Anywhere that moisture can be a problem, indoor/outdoor carpet provides the perfect flooring solution. Wet or dry, indoor/outdoor carpet is also anti-slip flooring, making it the safest choice underfoot in all manner of situations.

Easy to clean — just hose it off!
As it can be hosed off for cleaning, indoor/outdoor carpet can be used for a myriad of applications including sunroofs, patios, garages & all outdoor living areas, Utes, vans, caravans, annexes & camper vans, boats, tunnies, yachts, cruisers, trawlers, boat ramps—in fact in just about any marine environment.

Happy Feet Carpet and Hardwood Ltd has a great range of samples of this specialized carpet in store & depending on your requirements, we can assist you with the right choice of indoor/outdoor marine carpet for your individual needs.

2. Auto & Marine Carpet
Marine Carpet & Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

What’s the difference? Marine Carpet is also commonly known as indoor/outdoor carpet or needle punch carpet, which refers to the way it is manufactured. Marine carpet can be used in a variety of wet area installations for domestic use, as well as commercial & industrial, & of course marine carpet is the perfect solution for boats, caravans, camper vans & work Utes.

Raider & Reef – the most popular marine carpet
At Happy Feet Carpet and Hardwood Ltd, we have a variety of brands of indoor/outdoor carpet with Raider & Reef, two of the most popular ranges of specialty marine carpets from Auteur, which are also suitable for a wide range of light commercial applications. Non-slip & water-resistant, these carpets are a cost-effective choice for the interiors & decks of small boats, outdoor decks, patios, sunroofs, garages & commercial floor areas.

What’s it made of?
Marine carpet is made of 100% polypropylene which will not absorb water & is therefore highly stain resistant. The fiber is UV Stabilized, to ensure the carpet won’t fade rapidly or deteriorate under direct sunlight. The durability & life of the carpet basically depends on its fiber weight, particularly in "ribbed" or other elevated pile types that can flatten under heavy traffic. Regular vacuuming & cleaning will extend the life of the carpet.

Is there a good choice of colors?
In marine (outdoor) carpet, you have a choice of colors & finishes. Raider offers a soft velour finish & Reef a classic broad-ribbed finish, both in a good choice of colors. Both these hard-wearing, low-maintenance carpets are manufactured from hard wearing polypropylene UV stabilized fiber, giving a high degree of UV protection, which makes them resistant to water & highly resistant to fading & won't fray or rot. It is the ideal product for most marine outdoor applications, suitable for a wide range of outdoor uses, including boat decks, trawlers, ramps & terraces. (Width 2 metres. Price per metre.) 

Installing marine carpet
For those lucky enough to live on the beautiful British Columbia, ask about our expert carpet installation service at Happy Feet Carpet and Hardwood Ltd. Marine carpet is actually very lightweight, so if you live elsewhere in BC. or anywhere around Canada & have trouble accessing this type of indoor/outdoor carpet in your area, we are happy to discuss your needs, work out the amount of carpet you require (in metres) & arrange affordable postage or courier/freight delivery on an as-needs basis to your door anywhere in Canada You can then put a carpet layer in your area to install the carpet for you or do it yourself.


3. Artificial Turf
Artificial turf, synthetic turf or ‘fake grass’ is another outdoor floor covering. A green solution for water restrictions, artificial turf requires no watering, no mowing, yet keeps its lush appearance & feels soft underfoot. As water is becoming a more precious commodity, artificial turf is proving an effective alternative, providing an aesthetically pleasing surface, while saving water & reducing costly maintenance!

This resilient product can be used in both residential & commercial areas from unit courtyard gardens to sporting surfaces, schools, childcare centers & playgrounds, council green spaces such as roundabouts & median strips & public recreation areas.
Artificial turf can give a ‘garden feel’ to outdoor living areas such as on top of apartment buildings. It can be used on cricket pitches, hockey fields, bowling greens, putting greens, tennis courts, playing fields & it looks great around swimming pools. Drainage isn’t a problem, mud & dirt trampled throughout the house becomes a thing of the past & it is suitable for pets as it can be simply hosed off.

Call in to Happy Feet Carpet and Hardwood Ltd & see the samples for yourself. Artificial turf may be just the solution you’re looking for!

Carpet Type Explained

Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber used in most style carpets. This type of carpet is hard wearing & is an easy solution for commercial or residential usage. It’s easy to maintain & great for heavy duty wear areas. High traffic residential areas & medium traffic commercial areas are best suited for polypropylene carpets. They are easily steam cleaned & very stain-resistant.

Nylon carpets are the most popular & are available in many styles & colors in all pile constructions. Nylon carpets are typically used for residential applications & come in a range of wear ratings for medium, heavy or extra heavy duty traffic areas. This softer surface carpet has long-term resilience & durability. There’s a solution for every room in your home with a Premium nylon carpet; the selection of colors & styles that are available to coordinate with your decor is almost endless.

A good quality wool or wool blend carpet will outlast other carpet types & are suitable for both residential & commercial applications. Wool’s unique fiber structure makes it durable & hard-wearing, so wool carpets keep their appearance longer. Available in a huge range of styles, wool & wool blend carpets are somewhat limited in the color choices available. Modulated or level loop, twist & plush pile are the most popular carpet styles in wool or wool blend carpets. Wool is a natural product, & its lanolin makes wool naturally stain-resistant, however wool is porous, so Scratchcard & other similar products will penetrate rather than protect. Be sure to clean any spills straight away. It is also flame-retardant & acts as an insulator, helping to reduce ambient noise.

Carpet’s most durable fiber, solution-dyed nylon carpet offers complete consistency in color. Pigment & polymer are mixed before extrusion, so it offers a colorfastness against light & won’t fade , as well as long-term resilience, durability & superior stain resistance. The non-porous fiber can also resist odors. Solution-dyed carpet is very resistant to abrasion & wear as well as matting, which will keep the carpet looking like new for a long time.

Plush Pile carpet has the same appeal as velvet; luxurious soft feel underfoot inviting you to lie down & roll on it. As with velvet, the pile direction adds another dimension with shading effect as you walk over it.

Twist Pile carpets are usually manufactured in plain or 2-tone colors. As the name suggests, the nylon or wool yarn is given a heat-set twist to include a practical dimension to the soft, inviting fell of the product.

The natural Eco-alternative. Natural Fiber floor coverings were typically tightly woven inline, using plant materials—sisal, jute or sea grass. Modern weavers have captured this Sisal-look in all types of yarn, providing a hard-wearing surface with a tailored appearance as follows:

Coir Carpets (coconut)
Made from fibers from the outer husk of the coconut. Coir carpets are produced in India where many years of practice have given the workers in this old industry, great skills in grading processing & weaving these fibers. The quality of Coir carpet is determined by the type of fiber used, the weight at which the yarn is spun & whether it’s woven on a hand loom or power loom. Domestic life: 12 years Commercial Life: 4 to 7 years, dependent on foot traffic.

Jute Carpets (jute fiber)
Made from fibers stripped from the stalks of the jute plant. Jute fibers are not quite as hardy as Coir & Sisal fibers, but are softer underfoot. Domestic life: 10 years. Commercial life: 3 to 5 years, dependent on foot traffic.

Paper Carpets
Mainly produced from the fibers from the conifer trees. Pulp-making process involves cooking wood chips with resin being added to give a high wet strength. When twisting the paper into yarn, a further wax emulsion is applied, improving the yarn’s water resistance. Domestic life: 5 years, dependent on foot traffic.

Sea grass Carpets
Grown in paddy-like fields that are flooded with sea water during the crop cycle. The fibers are spun into tough strands, which, when woven into carpet & with a latex backing added for stability, will resist dirt & stains very well. Domestic life: 10 years. Commercial life: 3 to 5 years, dependent on foot traffic.

Sisal Carpets (Cactus fiber)
Made from fibers extracted from the leaves of the Agave plant. Sisal is grown & produced in Africa, China & South America. European manufacturers have proven to be the most innovative in weaving technology. China is also producing a good quality sisal carpet, just as hardy as their European counterparts. Domestic life: 12 years. Commercial life: 4 to 7 years dependent on foot traffic.

Wool & Wool Blend Woven Carpets
These are not like normal tufted carpets. From International Floor Coverings Australia, they are made from premium quality yarn & are woven. This weaving process helps eliminate pile crushing & shading that occur in normal tufted carpets. We offer a range of 100% wool or a mixture of pure wool yarns woven with flax or sisal. Domestic life: 12 years. Commercial life: 4 to 7 years, dependent on foot traffic.


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